Tearaway Review

Media Molecule has made some of the most charming games on PlayStation with Little Big Planet 1 and 2. They have such a whimsical feel that I loved. Tearaway is their first foray on the PlayStation Vita and it doesn’t disappoint.

You play as Iota or Atoi, depending on the gender you select, who is made out of paper with a head that's an envelope. The entire world is made entirely of paper. Media Molecule uses all the unique features of the Vita, and not in a gimmicky way. You use the front touch screen to unfold paper and rear touchpad to push your finger through the paper and move objects around and create holes in the paper. You can also create anything you want by picking a color of paper, drawing whatever you want, and cutting it out. That object will then either be used in the environment or can be glued to Iota. They do a create job of adding new abilities throughout the game to create new ways of gameplay.

The rear camera on the Vita is used to take pictures and add them as skins on objects and the front camera is used to show you in the world. I’m won’t spoil how this is used but it really makes you feel a part of the world. This also makes the ending of the game feel extremely personalized. You'll feel a real connection with your character and the story that unfolds. There is also the ability to take pictures throughout the game and share them on Twitter and Facebook. The game takes only about 5-6 hours to complete but there is replay value to go back and get collectables that you were unable to get the first time through because you didn’t have the abilities to reach them.

What Media Molecule has done is showcase all the features of the Vita as well as create a story that made me feel more a part of it than any other story I’ve played. The majority of the time I was playing, I was smiling and laughing at how cute and charming it is. By the end, I really felt nostalgic about my journey with my Iota. With Remote Play and the recent price drop, there is no better time to pick up a Vita, and Tearaway should be one of the first games you play.