Disney Infinity Buyer's Guide

Disney Infinity can get quite expensive with all the accessories to purchase. I thought I would write a quick post about the best deals on each of the pieces to save the most money.

Starter Pack- Walmart $74.95 + 15 gift card


Walmart is the only store I've found that is giving any kind of discount on the starter pack.

All figures - Target: But two get third one free


This works out to be $8.66 each with is even cheaper than the three piece sets of characters. This is the best deal I've seen so far on the figures.

Power Discs - Toys R Us: Two packs for $6.


This is a really good deal since these packs run $5.99 each.

I've enjoyed my time with Disney Infinity so far. It is a really fun game for all ages. I would recommend it for any Disney fan as well as anyone who wants a game to play with their kid. I hope this buying guide helps you save some money.

Til next time.